“Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll have heard the news that Aphex Twin unexpectedly uploaded 155 of his old and unreleased tracks to Soundcloud and made them downloadable for free. DJ Food, a long-time Aphex fan, has been through the entire collection with a fine-toothed comb and selected his favourites. The hit rate was high but he’s has managed to cram 31 tracks into 85 minutes to mark this unique occasion and peppered the mix with vintage interview clips of Richard James talking about his music.”


39 Fnkmg
19 Ssnb
8 Utopia
19 [Slo]w early morning clissold sunrise
21 Hapshifter 1
12 Rough Beat Tune
Luke Vibert – Spiral Staircase [Future Music competition] [afx remix]
Thy’re Here Aahha
33 Jonny Hawkes Broken Guitar[not Finished]
4 Red Calx [slo]
4 Red Calx
34.5 P.e.
5 heliosphan live
2 Afx 126b
15 Bradley Jam Pump
GPO Beat
Mortal 08
Fork Rave
T13 Quadraverb
1 P-String
13 Short Mental fax
14 Make a Baby
14 Moodular Acid [pissflaps mix]
18 Mello Punchy
(HAB un23) (unfinished)
26 5 Demo
Th1 [slo]

“It was February 7, 1964 when The Beatles once boarded Pan Am Flight 101 to New York. However, as you’re about to find out, that day was a musical singularity. Why? Let’s just say it had to do with a certain J. Lennon esquire’s insistence that the band’s Boeing 707 fly over the Bermuda Triangle. Which means you’re about to get your hands on An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space – the epic 48-track double LP download documenting the consequences of an unscheduled detour through a rift in the space-time continuum by the Fab Four… to 1990s Brooklyn. “

The Beatles vs Hip-Hop Legends (Double LP).

Link: An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space.

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“A quick video created to showcase the many unique and effective sounds used in the films of Quentin Tarantino.”

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“The Dolly Zoom is a shot invented by cameraman Irmin Roberts to visually convey the feeling of agoraphobia by zooming in with the lens while simultaneously dollying backwards the entire camera… or vice versa.”

23 classic film examples, in chronological order.

“Swedish humour at it’s finest.”

English subtitles are available.

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