Trailer for the new TV anime series, which kicks off in Italy on August 29th.

“A juxtaposition between the natural and the man-made – a three-minute snapshot of the indelible marks that human beings have left on Earth.”

Hypnotic time-lapse created mostly with images from Google Earth and Wikipedia. Don’t miss the sounds.

(via MeFi)

One of the 24 short films included in the hour-long cinema program at Banksy’s Dismaland.

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Farewell song for the last episode of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”.

The “Where’s Waldo” wallpaper from Rick and Morty’s S02E04 episode.

Try to spot Uncle Steve, Cousin Nicky, Mr. Beauregard, Photography Raptor, Pencilvester, Tinkles, Sleepy Gary, Frankenstein’s Monster, Mr. Poopybutthole, Hamurai, Amish Cyborg, Reverse Giraffe, Ghost in a Jar, Baby Wizard, Mrs. Refrigerator and Waldo.

I’m jawless.