The “Where’s Waldo” wallpaper from Rick and Morty’s S02E04 episode.

Try to spot Uncle Steve, Cousin Nicky, Mr. Beauregard, Photography Raptor, Pencilvester, Tinkles, Sleepy Gary, Frankenstein’s Monster, Mr. Poopybutthole, Hamurai, Amish Cyborg, Reverse Giraffe, Ghost in a Jar, Baby Wizard, Mrs. Refrigerator and Waldo.

I’m jawless.

Stunning digital version of a real toy.

Link: Cycloid Drawing Machine (via Waxy)

“In this short puzzle, you’ll try to outwit the masses – who are also trying to outwit you.”

A tricky riddle from The New York Times (I did bad).

Link: Are You Smarter Than 53,395 New York Times Readers?

“One of them fellas is not what he says he is.”

This trailer mashup has a point.

(via Reddit)