“Over 100 pop culture secret identities, finally revealed.”

Link: Alex Solis – Icons Unmasked

Disney animation master does the Simpsons.

How to properly cover The Smiths.

“An exotic traveler comes from far away to discover the beauty of a supposedly unexplored territory. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of a turbulent conflict. Trapped against his will, he must wait patiently until the storm passes.”

Fifth installment of Zumbakamera’s epic machine saga.

“The trailer was filmed in one single take at Hovs Hallar in the south of Sweden. This is the same location Ingmar Bergman used to film the iconic scene where Antonius Block challenges the grim reaper to a game of chess in “Seventh Seal” (1957). Performers Stina Pehrsdotter and Niclas Hallberg interpret the chess game from the film as a Bergman-esque comment on the absurdity and randomness of existence.”

7 hours 20 minutes trailer for a 30 day long film set to premiere on December 31, 2020. More info here.

“4 hours of quiet ambient music I made for myself but now want to give to you for free.”

Link: Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep.