Disturbingly catchy.

Brilliant Pixar-esque short film presented as graduation thesis at the Communication University of China.

Tons of movie references in this mashup from the same creator of Hell’s Club and Hell’s Club 2.

“Donald Trump travels back in time to crush John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon in the first televised debate by secretly using strategies learned from a 2016 Almanac.”

Some highlights:

CHEMISTRY PRIZE — Volkswagen, for solving the problem of excessive automobile pollution emissions by automatically, electromechanically producing fewer emissions whenever the cars are being tested.

MEDICINE PRIZE — Christoph Helmchen, Carina Palzer, Thomas Münte, Silke Anders, and Andreas Sprenger, for discovering that if you have an itch on the left side of your body, you can relieve it by looking into a mirror and scratching the right side of your body (and vice versa).

PEACE PRIZE — Gordon Pennycook, James Allan Cheyne, Nathaniel Barr, Derek Koehler, and Jonathan Fugelsang for their scholarly study called “On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit”.

PERCEPTION PRIZE — Atsuki Higashiyama and Kohei Adachi, for investigating whether things look different when you bend over and view them between your legs.

Full ceremony here.

Link: The 2016 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

Sun 25 Sep 2016

Short film with a funny twist at the end.